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Poems about friends
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Poems About LOVE

*are we friends

or are we not

you told me once

but i forgot

so tell me now

and tell em true

so i can say

im here for you

of all the friends

ive ever met

your the one i wont forget

and if i die

before you do

ill go to heaven

and wait for you

and give the angels

back thier wings

and risk the loss

of evrything

just to prove

my friendship is true

to have a friend like you*



For a Friend

You say your my friend

but who are you?

Evil from afar

judging my mistakes

laughing at my fall

but not helping me up.

your pushing me

close then away

what do you mean?


or foe?,


or ally?,

tell me please

undo my mind

set me free from your trap




You are the...

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