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This is a page of things written for my boyfriend Nick.
Feel good,
maybe I should
but theres a block
keep checking the clock
in wich reason do I exist
whens my turn for happiness
and answer
arrived in you
what should I do
catiuos to take your hand
but now from were I stand
is the top of the world
your heaven snet
and maybe it was meant
as I get through another day
i say
thank you
and hope one day
ill be your savior too.
Perfect is not a word
heard much in love
but what youve given me
is the closest to heaven
that ive ever been
you give me wings
to soar beyond my dreams
you give me light
to brighten up my darkest nights
you give me hope
when there are clouds
you stand by my side
when ive been let down
you are there
no matter how
no matter what
no matter when
you ask no questions
you just love
in the hope of love.
Love has no complex words
it asks no questions
it only answers to a heart that calls
love understands
and forgets
it has no chances
love is not temporary
it does not decide to take the day off
or that the wordl is to much to add
does not take
it is a gift
that gives
If i could have just one wish
i would wish that every moment
you would be in my thoughts
and that every night
i could hold you close
the sound of your heart
in my dreams
and in your dreams
you would know
there is no greater feeling
in the world
than being with you
i only exist
until i am in your arms again
I watch
as you sit in silence
without a care
but with all the wonders of the world in your eyes
your hands
so lonely
but having felt every softness and light of love
your mind
so still
but having thought a thousand things
and never once asking why you love.
My heart grows heavy in sadness
with every word i replay
of the down
of our love
my mind regretting
every hateful thought
it dares to truspass your heart
and the emptiness grows
with every second
that i do no hear your voice forgiving
grasping for the next up
until there are no words
nothing to be spoken
just your eyes
that say
that you need no explanation
and my world falls away
in your love.
there is no were to start
because love finds no words
no were to end
because love is forever
there is no comparison
because love is the greatest thing
there is no question
because love is the answer
there is no love
without you in my life.
i thank god to have you in my life
every hour
i take in the person you are
every minute
i reminise about every other minute weve spent togther
and learing in
every second
that weve loved.
For once
i am speechless
because there is no way
no words
to tell you how i feel
its the butterflies i get
everytime i see you
its the warm kiss
that sends chills down my body
its the heart
breaking then mending
its the imperfections and mistakes
its the greatest thing
that teaches us the greatest lesson
of give and take
it is the hours spent trying to find the words to say
but there is no sound
no look
just the knowing
that is love.
Nick I want to say thank you for everything youve given me but most of all for your love and your will to belive in me no matter how bad things were. I LOVE YOU!!!


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