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Say Smackadee Doich

Would you like to smell my special?

A love song that i put together
How to keep a healthy level of INsanity
Poems about life
For Nick
Poems about everything
Poems about life
Golf Jokes for the Bedroom
True friendship means.....
A Dysfunctional Hallmark Store's cards
F-ed up things people in court have actually said
Things you should know but dont
For Dad
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
The Story of Rikki Tikki Tavi
The Raven
The Tell-Tale Heart
The Story of St. Valentine
Funny Quotes
Poems about friends
Did you just say that you have hooters on your ice cream?
Would you like to smell my special?
Have you seen the Muffin Man?
Lifes Little Questions
Poems About LOVE


That's Kyle

Im gonna rape ur dog!~Brett
-Your slow
-Well what did u think I was~Travis
This is my shizel fo rizel~Jo Jo Turner
-Do you have a dress?
-What color is it?~Jaynee
-It's your upper lip
-It's your left buttcheek~ Tiffany and Jovan
-Are your earlobes attached?
-I have two~ Bill
-Do you have band Erik?
-No I have band~ Erik
~What color is blue?~
~So basically im asking you to go around and ask everyone if they are gay.~

You big dummies lets get high~Jamar
~Respect my authoritah!~
~Good girls are bad girls that dont get caught~
-Im balemic
-You can read minds?~
~Im drowning in b l o o d~Kate
~Your my friend because you know me yet still like me~
-Just steal a milk
-No i dont have any money~ Kate

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