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Poems about everything
Poems about life
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Poems About LOVE

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THE night sky is so lonely
and yet so vain
in its silver crest folds
the soft song
that whispers
from the grasses
and the warm gentle caress
of the summers air
fresh sweetness
hangs from the virgin moon
the stares upon
the sleeping vastness
peace envelopes the speeding stars
as they hault in thier wishes
and press upon the navy nights sea
to watch in the silence.
She twisted around
in a valence of grace
and in the air
her movements displaced
she danced upon
her silken stage
her trace to the music
as her heart danced away
to her swan lake.
On top of the world
the dark night sky
takes a sip
of golden honey
and the yellow
ribbons of light
the rims of the mountain
the waking sun
glints its light
on the perfect
perlets of dew
that cling to the blades of grass
the crisp morning air
winds through the valley
the day has become from dawn.
collect your feathers
spread your wings
flying high
the world
in the spindle of your fingers
cut back your chains
open your eyes
taste the flavors of life
and feel your freedom.
the fingers dance across the keys
and the mind sees
and the feeling begins
just cant get enouph
tho your high off the sound
nothing brings your heart
to the ground
shokcing the death from the tips
as they glide
upon a blick and white sky.
why dont you dance
take a chance
why dont you run
run to the one
why dont you fly
fly so high
to your dreams
thats all it seems
why dont you jump
instead of fall
why dont you see
through the wall
why dont your eyes
speak it all
why do your tears
start to fall
why dont you learn
to dance
to love
to take a chance
Blossoms of heaven
labrynths of white lace
cool but kind
as it blankets the world
magical and true to behold
a gft from heaven
so let time fade away
and watch the snow
As it lights up the landscape
like a dimond in the rough
a symbol of winters grace
burning miles away
casting a light
capturing a wish
a death
a guide
through the sea
of heart and mind
shooting down
the havy night
upon wind and wings
and when the end falls
to us all
are we just stars
constant as the univers's
wilding sky?

Winners Take All

He could have swung back,

let his clenched fists

make the enemy feel the impound of his anger.

Llet the taunting boy have a taste of blood.

Dreanch him with defeat.

Breathing in the cheers of the foreboding crowd

would be all thge temptation he needed

to tie the fight.

But he didint...

his mind told him to throw the last punch

but his heart told him to step back.

He drew in his strength

and turned

facing the anticipating spectators

and watched as a silence fell over the scene.

He parted the ocean of bodies.

But he didnt look down on his surrender.

The laughs and cruel names made no cross

upon his mind.

He knew he had more courage than any of them,

the courage to walk away.


Inspiration 42


as I see.

Your cruel words,

spur creativity.

So on you go,

scream and fight.

So I can find,

the words to write.

And in those words,

release my pain.

So that through,

the rest of this day,

theres no more anger,

no more tears,

my pen has swept away my fears.


Heavens Love 34



He pulled the trigger,

and they all knew.

Clothes soaked in blood,

through and through.

No longer did they laugh,

and stare.

They just wallowed,

in despair.

Because of them,

he took his life.

And he would not,

go home that nite.

Forever to live,

beneath an idle of stone,

but through heavens love,

hes not alone.

You are the...

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