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Poems about life
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A curtain of darkness,

conceals the pain.

the soul slipps away

and the candel is blown out.

Nothings to be sai,.

No words to be spoken

for the mind has been controlled.

A puppet

appearing to be as another

while it dances,

a smile fakely carved over the open wounds.

But from above

the hands from wich perform thier little trick,

and another is transformed into a puppet.

A doll to be played,

Transforming the soul,

                          telling what you see isnt what you get. 




its not as rosy

as it appers to be.

no fairytale endings

no hero to save the day.

all for one

and every man for himself.

dreams and hopes are there

but they are to be accomplished

or squashed by the non accomplished

love is there

but you must find it.

and if you look before you leap

you might be chased off

from the fear and uncertainty

of the fall.

you make it or you break it

play your cards right

cuz' life is short

and its the luck of the draw.

but the positive

or negative

is up to you.

let it be right.



Your starring at me,

telling me you see

the person i am

the one that within me

but what is there

for i do not know

is your vision impared

or do you see my soul?

I cannot tell

for to me

im invisible

i dont know that well

so how do you know me?

how do you know?



Your thinking

and starring into nothing

or nothing as it seems

but through your meditation

you begin to see things

and it all comes out

the clipped words

and emotions

that surpassed contemplation.

you break down

and let it erupt

speak the words

youve intended


but your voice

is lost within your thoughts

and the decions not to hide

are lost inside




She lit up again

even though she knew

the proven facts

that were always true

I wont die

she told herself

but the deathstick

sheered away her health.

thro yellow teeth

she blew out smoke

and once again couched and choked...........

It kills

He drove the miles to the funeral home

he wished he werent so alone

but alone he walked the cold bearing stairs

afraid to face the people there.

a hushed crowd dwelled in black

he knew their tears were not an act

and as he made his tragic walk through

he saddly peerd into her tomb

he pulled the engagement ring from her finger

and down his cheek

one silent tear lingered

he layed the flowers on her still chest

knowing he would not forget

the way they laughed

the way they cried

the way a cigarette ended her life.



Slowly she walks down the road.

Eyes to the ground.

Every step in tune with her heartbeat.

Unlike her life.

A confused world spins around her.

Five times again she thinks

"Where am I going?"

and each time,

the fear in her mind grew to curiosity and wonder.

Her feet with no specified destination,

and like the mind,

they intently wandered waiting to see whats around the riverbend.

And in the moment were the wind caught her hair and she lifted her eyes,

there she saw another quite as alone and clueless as she,

walking about the silent streets

.Another just moving about life,

careless and free,as a rebel without a cause.

As she stares she sees him gently lift his eyes to hers.

they hold thier stare and stop for a moment as all time stands still

She flashes a smile and replays her walk,

continuing on her mendless journey searching for somewere to belong



You toy with me,

bending my mind,

taking my soul,

do you see your diseete?

and I,

believing every cruel word that declaims from your lips,

loving you

hateing you

hateing me

wanting to let go

but I cannot see beyond your face

only you fill the picture

and I,

the frame.

your haunting me


I see your diseete.




Toil of sadness,

pain and trouble,

pushing me through this dark abyss

like a needle through the flesh.

And the more you lie,

the deeper i fall,

never again to escape,

your web of illusions.

so i dangle in the air,

by the threads of life.

Reaching for the handle

of the knife.

But its too high

and soon ill fall,

and once more

get lost in it all.

So be kind if you will,

aim for my heart

end it now

so i can leave the dark.




Why cant they see,

beyond a face.

For a face is just a mask,

to hide whats underneath.

The dirt covering the grave.

For what you see,

may not be true.

Seeing may not always be beliving.

But to a beleiver,

They cannot see past the sheild,

For a picture tells a thousand words.

But weather they are true to what they tell,

No body knows.

Until you can see with not your eyes,

But your heart.




The lights are out,

and the darkness gathers

the uncertainty

of whats hiding past your sight

is almost terrifying

but intruiging.

the unkown

is provking

but what is and isnt


may not be true

to what your mind tells

for what you may think

is just a collection of shelved beleifs

and assumptions

in the back of your mind.

but unless you can see thro the dark

you cant percive

the truth

so leave it to fate

to catch you

and let you behold

what is there

when the lights are out.


Controlling You

This thing clenched between your fingers,

it grabs your soul

and taunts it.

Daring you to jump

over the edge

capturing your life

warping your mind

feeding your addiction

but releasing the gates of more...



is it worth a cigarette?


Cry 37


so unfair.

Do you see my despair?

I wish I,

could turn back time.

And wish my tears away.

Theres so much pain,

and no truth.

And theres nothing,

I can do.

And my heart,

is breaking down.

I dont even,

want to make a sound.

Or ill cry,

till the end of tommorrow.

Forever in sorrow,

I want to break free.

Kill the lies and misery,

remember the truth,

so I wont cry,



Glass 35

She held,

his hateful,

glass stare.

Thinking his heart,

could not be there.

And though she heard,

and though she saw,

the rumors,

they must be a flaw.

She knew his love,

for her,

had gone.

Although he loves her,

for so long.

And for so long,

they'd be apart.

And he would always,

remain in her heart.


Lies 36

I wish i could die,

they all say I do,

when im not.

They despice me,

they want me to die.

Why should he listen to them?

They arent the truth.

I am.

I know what im doing,

and its tearing my heart,

to think we should evr,

be apart.

Hes all i loe,

theyre all I hate.

And its killing me inside.

I think he needs to find the truth.

A little push,

a little shove,

It never meant anything.

And if it didnt to me,

then why should he,

think it should?


Tomb 40

She draws the knife,

to her neck,

wanting to release,

all regrets.

Knowing what is at stake,

if her life,

she chose to take.

Now he lays her,

down to sleep.

In a tomb,

were mourners weep.

And in her dirt covered bed,

she was so very,

saddly dead.





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