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Say Smackadee Doich
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A love song that i put together
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    My super love-song
(i put togther lyrics from my favorite songs and added a few words of my own)
Thought that i was goin crazy
just like one of those days yea
didnt know what to do
then there was you
and everthing went from wrong to right
and the starts came out to fill up the sky
it was love
and im feelin good
Weve built a love but that love falls apart
our peice of heaven turns to dark
sometimes we wonder if a fight is worthwhile
the preciuos moments are all lost to the tide yea
hey now hey now dont dream its over
hey now hey now
when the world comes in
they come to build a wall between us
we know they wont win
hey now hey now dont dream its over just
listen to my heart
when im calling for you
listen to my heart
theres nothing else i can do
life gets harder
and i dont know why
but ive got to listen to my heart
before i tell you goodbye
when the night is falling
and i cannot find the light
when my dreams are dying
i just hold tight
dont let go
youve got it in you
dont let go
this world is gonna pull through
I wait for an answer
i hope my heart isnt wrong
ill hold on
they were laughing as i held out my hand
im trying to get through
without losing again
someone help me please
i listen to my heart
 listen to my dreams
i want this love
to be more than it seems
make it right
make it new
i wont
give up on you.

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