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Poems About LOVE

~These are just some poems about love*awww* by me~

Raptured heart
lead me to temptation
catious steps
but speed in each crease.
Can you love?
can you say that another love loves?
can the constant stars match the heart
when virgin touch meets.
can your heart leap
and wish
upon a face
for wich your eyes
dare to see?
it was supposed to be
and through the dark
I could finally see
some hopefull
rays of light
your loving touch
and ending plight.
but unseen things
tried to be
trap me in darkness
no longer free
so shine your love
open your heart
love me still
so i can leave the dark.
the pawn of his little game
everytime he moves
it causes her strain
being controlled
and tricked to lose
but on this boards path
she must move
into love
into life
into being
his puppet.
Your loving eyes
they gaze at mine
A warm chill
creeps up my spine
and in my eyes
i hope to see
the pain and truth
that lies beneath
and maybe youll love
instead of hate
no words to
i want you to forgive
and learn to forget
live on your life
with no regrets
I want you
to be with me
so in your eyes
I try to see
the truth and pain
that lies beneath
so my heart
can be
set free.
She held his hatefull
glass stare
thinking his heart
could not be there
and though she heard
and though she saw
the rumors
they must be a flaw
she knew his love
for her
had gone
although theyd loved
for so long.
and for so long
theyd be apart
but brought togther
by thier hearts.
He walked away
without saying goodbye
and a single tear
fell from my eye
he loved me not
he just ignored
even though his eyes
said so much more
he told me
just to leave him alone
but i knew my love
could not go
so tortured by
his ravenous soul
at last I knew
my loss was true
but how can love
be so cruel?
Shine your light
on the path
reflect your love
on the looking glass
and through the woods
deep and forlorn
you will travel
though your heart is worn
but in your journey
you will see
the light for you
i have within me
forests dark
endless and cold
but through the rain
it may hold
the greatest treasure
in the world
my love for you
im your girl.
gaze upon me
i feel
even with my eyes closed
i see
i know the jump
im ready for the plunge
though the waters cold
i feel your arms
even without embrace
catching me
as i fall back
but loving still
i want your presence
even though your here
hold me in your arms
and never let go.
are you
are we
you and i
meant to be
did the stars
in the sky
out our lives
so fate would hold
two from millions
to cross paths
in eachothers eyes
its just me
dont you see
we were meant to be.
Lovely light
of wich my heart
has soared up and down
crashed and burned
standing in the shadows
wakeing in the light
to a share soul
movement love and life.
you stole my heart
i came undone
i felt no longer
that i was one
you broke it
into shards of hate
no more love
or life
only strife
your slipping away
from me
your hand
is fading out of reach
i cant see
the dark is blinding me
im so alone
and you dont know
that its killing me
you arent there
for me you know
so now forlorn
alone in soul
you are my nessecity
tho its there
words cant explain
its seems they just
get in the way
and through my love
i can except
there is no language
to express
what i feel
for you
in my heart
a burning passion
deep and dark
so let my eyes
speak the words
only seen
but never heard
and in my eyes
you will see
the love for you
here within me
 your starring at me
telling me you see
the person i am
the one within me
but what is there
for you do not know
is your vision impared
or do you see my soul
i cannot tell
to me
i cant see
so how do you know me
he wanted nothing more
nothing less
just for the words
she would confess
and in those words
he may find
a small and bright
peice of mind
just one
so that he knew
her solem tears
to be proven true
so that the lies
would mean something more
and hed know
what he hadnt before
and maybe he could understand
to love on
with no regrets
to be with her
and learn to forget.
another day
as it passes by
another tear
i must cry
and as i watch
and as i wait
silent souls
but your face
i long to see
as you lovingly
gaze at me
i wait to feel
your warm embrace
but only sadness
i taste
so i must watch
and i must wait
for your silent soul
to come back to me.
you gave me love
then took
it away
replace the joy
with the pain
no longer
is it you i see
but you
who makes my heart bleed.
empty darkness
in my mind
and through my tears
my words unwind
and through this nothing
you will see
there is a part
missing in me
rose red
with your velvet touch
showing love
bringing lust
till your thorns
to wich my fingers fall
and your sweetnes
is lost in it all
all the coldnes
that your beauty has decived
for your prick
i must weep
washing tears
that kiss the blood
as the rose red petals
to be or not to be
to love or not to love
to see or not to see
to touch or not to touch
to lie
or tell the truth
to love
someone to love you
to give
or take away
or the hurtfull pain
the question
in wich we ask
the answer
becomes our task
to do or not to do
that is the question.

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